Gift ideas for Mother’s Day: totes

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day: totes


So, I went to pull together a gift suggestion list for Mother’s Day and was thinking about my 56 year old Mum and what she’d like when I suddenly remembered, ‘hey, I’m a mum too’! 2.5 years into parenthood and somehow I still haven’t quite clocked that Mother’s Day applies to me. So, THEN I started thinking about what I would like AND what my Mum would like and in about 0.5 seconds it came to me: a tote!

Whether you’re a new-to-it Mum or a been-around-the-block a few times Mum, a wild and woolly Mum or a straight-laced Mum, a monochrome Mum or an every-colour-of-the-rainbow Mum, a salt-of-the-earth Mum or a la-di-da Mum, I bet you’d love a tote.

Here are a few picks to get you started. Plenty more totes where this came from!

Clockwise left to right:

Veg tote bag by DANILALO DESIGN from The Club Of Odd Volumes – $32. As seen in Inside Out.
Reikä Tote from Elk Accessories – $215. As seen in Frankie.
Shilo Engelbrecht – Digitally Printed Tote Bag – lvdalen from Douglas + Bec – $155
Kauniste- Muilla Mailla Tote Bag from Artsy Modern – $28
ZIG ZAG SHOPPER BAG by Hansel from Basel from Incu – $55
Waratah Zip Tote – Ocean from Utopia Goods – $189

Diana Campbell

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