Template email for pitching your store or label to a print magazine

How to pitch your label to this magazine (and others).
How to pitch your label to this magazine (and others).

Recently I went to a presentation put on by Peppermint Magazine called How To Pitch Your Brand To A Magazine.

Even though I’ve been up to my eyeballs in this space for going on 3 years now, I still learned a tonne!

The Peppermint girls (very!) kindly shared a template for pitching your brand to them. While every publication has its nuances, most publishers are in a similar boat when it comes to wading through email pitches, so the template below should help you get noticed by most magazines in the independent retail and design space.

You should know this isn’t an exact replica of the template they showed, but one I’ve put together from my notes with some extra tips gleaned from persistent questioning. :)

Template email to adapt for your independent design label

[Find out the best person to contact (in this case, deputy editor, Rebecca Jamieson)]
Dear Rebecca

[Short, sharp introduction that shows how your store or label suits the publication your pitching.]
I’ve recently launched a range of ‘pear’ wall art handmade by me in Hobart from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Blackwood. I’ve included more details about the range at the end of the email. I think your readers would love it.

[Attach 2 BEAUTIFUL low resolution images. Images are EVERYTHING. If you don’t have beautiful imagery, don’t waste your time or theirs.] Please find some low res images attached.

[Your website needs to be high quality and to align with your email. If your email says ‘sustainably sourced’, your website needs to as well.] Here’s a link to my website for general info about my label: http://www.pilipalapieces.com.au/

[Let the magazine know if it’s an exclusive. Politely give them a date that you’d like to hear back from them (approximately 5 days from the email). And do follow up if you don’t hear from them!]
The range debuted at Salamanca and Finders Keepers Markets but it hasn’t been featured in any print magazines yet. My first preference is to be published by Peppermint, so if you’re interested, it’d be lovely if you could let me know by Friday 6 March.

[Demonstrate that you actually read the magazine – this isn’t essential but it helps!]
I’ve discovered so many fabulous designers through Peppermint myself over the years – top of the list, Bridget Bodenham! – and I’d be thrilled if you included my work.

[Friendly sign off.]
Thanks for your time, Rebecca, and have a great day.
Helen Mansbridge

[Include relevant further information but press releases are not necessary! “The days of the press release have gone,” were the exact words of Bec, Peppermint’s deputy editor who described them as “just one more thing to click into”. If you’re an established brand who the magazine knows and trusts they’re appropriate but otherwise, tailored non-generic information at the end of the email is preferred.]
Pinkscape pattern
This delightfully tranquil pattern is sourced from a collection of patterns and prints by a fabric designer/printer in the very early 1800s.They come in a set of 3 – not a ‘pear’ – including one small, one medium and one large pear. You can arrange them creatively on your table/mantle piece, or display them on the wall as a contemporary take on the popular 1950s flying ducks phase. Handmade from ethically sourced Tasmanian Blackwood.

Sample images to attach – make yours this good! (and low res)


Pinkscape Pears by Pilipala Pieces
Pinkscape Pears by Pilipala Pieces



Over to you! Have you had a lot of success pitching print magazines? Do share your tips!

Diana Campbell

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