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The Third Row is a collective of independent retailers and designers selling products that represent original design and creativity. Does your store belong here? We'd love to hear from you!

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Read on to find out the perks of being part of our community.

Every day we ask: What can we achieve as a group that we can't achieve alone?

How can we do things differently?

This is what we've come up with so far...

Ceramics from our first shoot for Interiors Addict. Styled by Kylie Jackes. Photographed by Cathy Schusler.

One website where people can shop 180+ independent stores

The Third Row uses the magic of technology to extract products from 180+ creative stores onto one website (a 'goldmine of awesome' according to one shopper'), making it easier for time-poor design-lovers to find products from many smaller independent stores online.

Publicity is associated with products to influence people to buy from retailers and designers they haven't heard of before.

Every month, we refer 1000+ buyers to stores on the site.

The clever stuff

We extract product details from stores' websites automatically - no need to spend time manually uploading images and text.

Every 48 hours, new products are automatically added to the site, and out of stock products are automatically removed.

Innovative publicity service

Home Grown shoot for Peppermint magazine, styled and photographed by Nicolette Johnson featuring products from Showroom, ANTLER and MOSS, Elke Lucas, Falling For Florin, Woven Trail and shelf/life.

We think traditional PR with its impersonal press releases and time-consuming follow ups is WAY too inefficient for the average retailer or designer wearing many hats. And if your store is based outside Sydney or Melbourne where the biggest blogs and magazines are based, opportunities to have your products featured in editorial shoots are very thin on the ground.

So we've designed a service that allows stores on our site to easily connect with top bloggers, magazines and Instagrammers and invite them to feature their products.

In its first year, our service generated 100s of mentions across blogs, Instagram and print, thousands of new followers, and additional sales $ for time-poor stores needing an efficient way to reach out to the exploding number of influencers across the internet and social media.

The clever stuff

Stores click once to invite bloggers, Instagrammers and magazine publishers to feature their products.

Email call outs give stores advance notice of opportunities to have their products featured.

We pitch shoot ideas on our stores' behalf. Check out the shoots we recently produced for Peppermint, Fete and Yen.

What stores are saying

"I enjoyed spending small amounts over lots of blogs in December. Our artists were excited to be featured" Sarah, The Club Of Odd Volumes

"We think it's a fantastic way to advertise and a great system." Sienna, Dear September

"She mentioned us 5 times… 5 TIMES!!! As far as media relationships go - I love you!" Celeste, Mr Sparrow

Affordable, flat-rate product photography

Vase by Paterson + Steele shot by Cathy Schusler as part of The Third Row’s product photography service.

High quality product photography is absolutely essential if you want to sell online and get publicity. We operate group shoots in Brisbane every month with a low flat-rate per product. This service is available to anyone wanting product photography, not just stores on The Third Row.

See pricing and details for our photography service

What stores are saying

"Thank you so much - these are fantastic." Shannon Fricke, Shannon Fricke

"They look amazing!!!! Thank you so so much for doing these they are just so much better than I could ever have done" Karen, Me And Zebedee

"Thanks so much once again for everything, I love working with you and Cathy" Fabienne, YCL Jewels

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Would you like to include your products on The Third Row? Would you like to find out more about our PR or product photography services? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us or hit the Apply button above.

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