“Space, the final frontier… where no man has gone before.” 

This is an iconic quote by Star Trek — and although we do not yet have the technology to explore the galaxies like Captain James T. Kirk, mankind is taking one small step at a time to unlock the wondrous mysteries of the universe.

The Third Row is a blog dedicated to space exploration, space tourism, and astronomy by honoring and celebrating humanity’s ongoing struggles to fathom the secrets of the cosmos.

The website was started to provide credible, verifiable information taken from sources like the NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. With The Third Row, we aim to transport our readers to infinity and beyond through our fascinating and accessible coverage of the latest news and coverage concerning space.

Where the inspiration came for this blog is obvious; space has always enthralled people due to its incomprehensible size and the treasure trove of wonders that we haven’t even begun to explore. Although even a child knows about the solar system, the truth is that we haven’t even explored the moon, our nearest satellite, completely. But every day, we strive to shed new light into something that is more unreal and mind-boggling that anything we could have imagined.

At The Third Row, we want to spark interest in the world’s citizen about space sciences. We introduce people to the majestic marvels of the universe, letting them know the truths about the Moon, our solar system, Milky Way and other galaxies, black holes, stars and supernovas, various celestial bodies, extraterrestrial phenomena, and yes, even space tourism, which is no longer a flight of fantasy.

We hope that with our blog we can inspire everyone. Our team of writers has the desire to disseminate the correct information about space, dispel any myths, and give a space for everyone who wants to discuss space exploration and space travel.

With our blog, we hope to reach astronomy students, astronauts, space scientists, and the public at large, to have lively, stimulating discussions through our comments section. We hope to continue to research and create educational content on the most intriguing aspects of the macrocosm for people who are as interested in the mechanisms of the universe as we are.

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