Advice: 6 innovative platforms every interiors & fashion publisher should use in 2018

As news about the closure of print and digital magazines, rolls in with ever-increasing regularity (RIP HuffPost Australia joint venture, Homes+, Shop Til You Drop etc) it’s more important than ever for publishers to use the tools and platforms that are redefining how publishers make money, create content and serve their advertisers.

Here are 6 innovative companies to help every publisher stay ahead of the curve in 2018.

Top (L to R) Alicia Navarro from Skimlinks; Oliver Roup from Viglink; Zane McIntire from Commission Factory. Bottom (LtoR): Danielle Lewis from Scrunch, Gaby Howard from Flaunter, Diana Campbell from The Third Row.
Top (L to R) Alicia Navarro from Skimlinks; Oliver Roup from Viglink; Zane McIntyre from Commission Factory. Bottom (L to R): Danielle Lewis from Scrunch, Gaby Howard from Flaunter, Diana Campbell from The Third Row.

1. Skimlinks and Viglink

What’s in it for publishers: Earn passive income from past content
‘After implementing Viglink, we immediately began generating revenue from existing links on our site. It was like finding change between the couch cushions,’ says a Viglink customer.

Design Milk, Design Sponge, Buzzfeed and Refinery29 are using these platforms, and so should you. UK-based Skimlinks and and US-based Viglink turn ordinary links on your website into affiliate links behind the scenes. In other words, if you create content featuring brands who operate affiliate programs but you don’t have a direct relationship with these brands, and you don’t want to spend time creating affiliate links on your website, you should be using these companies. You’ll earn less commission on sales you drive than when you create the links manually, but when you take into account the time it takes to create affiliate links, the ROI is likely to be higher over the long term.

It’s worth noting that you can’t work with both Skimlinks and Viglinks because the sales tracking code conflicts. Choose the platform which has the largest number of merchants you’re likely to want to feature in content. Sign up for Skimlinks here, and Viglink here.
Skimlinks founder: Alicia Navarro (originally from Sydney)
Viglink founder: Oliver Roup

2. Commission Factory

What’s in it for publishers: Earn commission on sales from ad campaigns
If you’re creating campaigns for brands directly and want to use a hybrid remuneration structure consisting of ad placement plus performance fees, you should be working directly with an affiliate network like Sydney-based Commission Factory. Commission Factory are the largest affiliate network based in Australia and they work with brands like ShowPo, Fashion BNKR, Sephora and Adairs. By working with them directly rather than using Skimklinks or Viglink who automatically create links, you’ll earn higher commission on sales (around 25% higher). You’ll also have access to advice from their account managers to help you optimise your affiliate marketing effort. Sign up for Commission Factory here.
Founder: Zane McIntyre

3. Flaunter

What’s in it for publishers: Create amazing content on tight deadlines
‘The convenience of being able to browse and download high res images directly, without having to wait for an email response, is absolutely priceless.’ says Emma Vidgen, editor of Real Living.

Flaunter is a Sydney-based company providing publishers with access to high resolution images from 300+ fashion, beauty and interiors brands. They provide access to imagery from brands such as West Elm, Freedom, Mac and Pared. Flaunter is free for media, so hop to it!
Founder: Gaby Howard

4. Scrunch

What’s in it for publishers: Use influencers to create mutually beneficial brand campaigns
“Partnering with Scrunch has added another layer to our influencer-led campaigns. We are able to source the right influencers and engaged audiences, very specific to a brief,” says Justine Schofield, Head of Digital Brand Strategy, Style at Newscorp.

Scrunch is a Brisbane-based influencer marketing platform that helps brands make informed decisions about partnerships through metrics. Magazines and influencers have realised that when they team up, it can take campaigns to the next level. With over 20 million profiles in their database, Scrunch takes the grunt work out of finding the very best bloggers, YouTubers and social media inluencers to work with. Check Scrunch out here.
Founder: Danielle Lewis

5. The Third Row

What’s in it for publishers: Deliver brand activations through beautiful product search
Disclosure: That’s us! The newest kid on the block here.

The Third Row is a Brisbane-based company creating beautiful product search engines for interiors and fashion publishers. We integrate your editorial alongside products to drive sales for brands and designers. Improve sales conversions for advertisers dramatically by enabling people to find content from magazines in the context of a user experience specifically designed for shopping. We can integrate data feeds from any affiliate platform, such as Commission Factory, adding a new dimension to your content monestisation strategy. However, we can also integrate non-affiliate product data, meaning it can also be an activation platform for brands who aren’t operating in this space yet. Launching soon! If you’d like to know more, contact The Third Row.
Founder: Diana Campbell


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