An exciting new direction for The Third Row

Adore Shopping - our first beautiful product search engine in collaboration with Adore Magazine. Image courtesy of Adore Magazine.
Adore Shopping – our first beautiful product search engine in collaboration with Adore Magazine. Image courtesy of Adore Magazine.

Today I have a big announcement.

The Third Row is changing. We’ve always been passionate believers in magazines and publishers, and their power to help us buy better.

From today, we are going in an exciting new direction: creating beautiful product search engines for interiors and fashion publishers.

With a product search engine powered by The Third Row, interiors and fashion publishers can:

  1. Help people find in-stock products featured in past issues and posts
  2. Drive sales for retail brands
  3. Earn from it

A big problem to solve

We’ve reached an incredible moment in time when any person, can buy almost anything, from anybody in the world. So, how do we choose what to buy when we have, literally, billions of options?

Platforms like Amazon are great at helping us find the cheapest goods. But when we care about more than just price, when want to invest in a piece that fits our personal definition of ‘special’, it’s logical that we should turn to our favourite fashion and interiors publishers to find products. Yet, that is currently incredibly difficult.

Magazines feature 100s of products in each issue. But when their readers need to buy something, they rarely refer to them. We prefer instead to rely on brand recall, and search online shops.

Why? Because magazines and blogs are designed for reading and relaxing, not researching and shopping.

That’s where we come in. Our beautiful product search engines are designed specifically for online shopping. They’re designed to enable people to find and compare in-stock products featured in editorial, in a fraction of the time compared to trawling through print magazines or old blog posts.

By giving shoppers the ability to search for products featured by their favourite magazine when they’re ready to buy, we believe we can realise the true potential of publishers to become shopping destinations, and to drive sales for retailers, and revenue for publishers.

See beautiful product search in action

Our first client is Adore Magazine, an Australian-based interiors magazine celebrating beautiful, colourful, modern homes and spaces. You can find beautiful homewares featured in Adore, right here:

The journey so far

The Third Row started life in 2013 as an aggregate shopping website where shoppers could search for products from independent retailers recently mentioned in the media.

Fast forward to 2017. After 4 years witnessing scores of designers, retailers and shopping sites fail, while a handful thrived, I saw evidence that successful shopping sites had 3 things in common:

  1. A strong brand, reinforced by a cohesive, on-brand selection of products
  2. Original editorial to inspire people and show them how to integrate products into their lives
  3. A website with a fantastic product finding experience

Interiors and fashion publishers had 1. strong brands and 2. huge amounts of inspiring editorial but had not even begin to explore the possibilities of 3.

Rather than building our own consumer brand, and investing in our own editorial, we saw that the greater opportunity was to transform our search platform into a B2B product for publishers which:

  • enables their audience to find products they’ve featured
  • helps them realise their potential to drive sales for retailers
  • generates advertising revenue

In July 2018, after a year in development, we launched Adore Shopping, our first product search engine in collaboration with Australian-based interiors publisher Adore Magazine.

The Third Row was created in 2013 from the desire to promote original design and make truly special products easier to find. Creating beautiful product search engines for publishers has vastly increased our capacity to do both. We look forward to this new chapter, and continuing to use technology to innovate at the intersection of publishing and retail.

Contact us

If you’re from an interiors or fashion magazine or blog and would like to talk about how a product search engine could work for you, please contact the founder, Diana at

Find out more at our website:


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