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Our signature strategies

Shopping search engines.

Brands want continuous exposure to your audience. Help them stay on your reader’s radars and reach your audience when they’re ready to spend $ by introducing a shopping search engine. We can set up a branded shopping search for your magazine or blog within as little as a few weeks using our customisable in-house platform. See the shopping search engine we created for Adore Magazine.

Editorial call outs.

What does EVERY brand want from you? They want to be featured in editorial more often. Did you know many brands are currently paying third parties for editorial call outs from YOUR editors and journalists? We can show you how to launch this service in-house, and start earning recurring revenue, as quickly as possible.

Data-driven content & advertising.

Collect data on what your audience wants to buy right now using search, and use that information to drive content strategy and advertising offers. Is your audience searching for rugs? Then write an article on rugs. Follow that up with rug offers from your advertising partners.

Other services and strategies

Brand alignment strategies.

Brands no longer need to pay you for advertising to reach your audience. They can go to Facebook and Instagram at any moment and target people who ‘Like’ your publication for a fraction of the cost of working with you directly. What the platforms cannot do though, is grow brands through alignment and association.

We’ve been working with publishers to implement powerful brand alignment strategies that their advertisers want more of.

Customer research and user testing.

We can develop prototypes and use our extensive network of retail and brand contacts to provide early feedback on new advertising and revenue strategies, minimising risk and strengthening your business case.